Is it just terrible two's or does my 2yr old daughter have bipolar like her biological father?

by Tiffany
(Cincinnati, ohio)

I have two children and one on the way. The oldest is 3 and the one I am concerned about is 2. Lately I have noticed a significant change in her, she seems more aggressive or shall I say angers easily. She is normally a really loving child but when something makes her mad or she does not get what she wants she acts out violently. She hits and bites her sister all the time for the most part no reason at all. Normally our solution is time out for this and she will kick and scream the whole way there. She has this very evil look that she gives if you say something to her that she does not like or try to talk to her when she does not want to be talked to. When she throws her "fit" she kicks, screams, yells no, hits, throws herself on the ground, etc.

This morning i had an episode with her that just exhausted me. I was taking her to her daycare and as soon as i was getting her out of the van she exploded. She did not want to get out. She kicked and screamed the whole way into the daycare and even when i put her down she just threw herself on the ground screaming. She seemed like she was calming down but as soon as i went to pick her back up the kicking and screaming started again. I took her in her class and told the teacher I would be right out the door but as soon as i went to leave she came running and did not want to let me go.
I am so confused I don't know if this is her terrible twos or the jealousy of me having another child or if she has inherited some gene of the bipolar disorder from her biological father. I don't know what to do anymore, it does not seem like the time outs and things are working and i am getting exhausted with it. What do I do?

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