Is it Boy? Is it Bad? Is it Bipolar?

I have a 2 1/2 year old boy. We moved out of the US 2 months ago and he is exhibiting behaviors that are causing me some concern. Specifically...

-he is extremely clingy to me, often wanting only me and no one else
-even with that, he often reacts strange when I come home from work, throwing himself on the floor and crying/having a tantrum (seeming to indicate trouble with the transition?)
-he will often scream at an ear-piercing pitch when something does not go his way (he did this when he was younger yet seemed to grow out of it...but it's back with a vengeance now!)...and he will scream sometimes for 15-20 minutes at a time, which is difficult to manage particularly when he is in the car! Sometimes he will yell "I am stupid", which I honestly don't know where he got that b/c it's not a phrase we use...
-he sometimes bangs his head either on the floor, against his car seat, etc. (again, he did this when he was younger but it's back again)
-he often has other outbursts where he will try to bite his sister, throw his trucks, knock over a chair, etc.
-he has no interest in potty training, but will come to me as soon as he has done something and ask me to change him...sort of a control thing?

He has always been very, very 'busy' and seems to have no fear (climbing, jumping, running, etc.)...always on the go. It seems, however, as though there is a 'trigger' that sets him off (not getting his way, his sister grabbing one of his toys, etc.) and then he starts to exhibit one of the above mentioned behaviors.

It is difficult to determine if his behavior is within the range of 'normal'...if it is a result of the move...or if there is something more going on. How do you know?

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