Is he bipolar?

by Alexis

Well I am a mother, it’s my son who seems to be going through this he is 14 years old. He doesn’t go out much, but he has lots of friends at school. We have a dog and he is the one that walks him because we mainly got the dog for my son and he won’t let anybody else do it. But when it’s time for his walk my son doesn’t want to leave the house and ends up missing the dogs walk, but i think he is too scared to go outside. He asks and demands lifts to school and he says "oh I’m not walking" and things like that and then throws temper tantrums at us and compares his other siblings to him saying he is not loved enough and things like if they ask they will get but not him.

He is a genuinely hyper person I mean like he always makes people laugh and has a laugh himself but there are times when he goes over the top and he speaks really fast and u think he is saying something completely different to what he is saying because you can't keep up with him. He'll be say talking to his sister then just randomly walk away and go play video games with his younger brother then out of the blue run down stairs and just eats stuff then sits down and completely forgets everything he is doing. It takes him 2 weeks to tidy his bedroom because he keeps going and doing other things and when he eats he will just forget about it and it goes off. But very, very few times he is just sad and not talking his face lakes emotion and he snaps if you say the wrong thing. But he comes round between 2/3 hours.
Sometimes we are all sitting in silence watching the tv and he just out of the blue sais "what" and looks around the room and we have to explain that nobody said anything. He also believes he can control the weather when its windy he blows back at it and says oh it stopped and it does but that’s just because it doesn’t last forever. He believes he will move things with his mind. He buys books and asks me to get him booklets about bipolar from work and I do but why is he so interested does he think he has this too . He goes to bed at 4 in the morning he sleeps in to all hours or just get up at say 10 or 11 and he seems to be fine. There is no history of bipolar in my family but I am depressed myself heavily and my sister is really bad with her depression. He pushes us away and stays upstairs he just isn’t right he is a perfectly healthy boy but does he have bipolar?? His symptoms are very small and he doesn’t do all the things you see above but he does the majority of them

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Jul 29, 2018

by: Kristen


I am sorry for everything your son is going through.

A lot of your concerns seem valid because his behavior is concerning. It is difficult to tell what exactly is going on with him It sounds like at times he is worried ( going outside with his dog) at times he is sad ( as you described) and at times he is kind of hyper ( saying things that don't make sense leaving to go eat while doing something) and at times seems disconnected from reality ( thinking magically about the weather acting as if he is hearing or seeing things that aren't there. I think there are a lot of different explanations diagnostically for what might be going on. I don't know if bipolar disorder alone would explain it. I hope you have sought some medical help for him and have gotten some answers.


Kristen McClure

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