in need of help

by cristina
(sandwich il 60548)

I am a mother 4 boys and a teenager daughter. One of my sons was diagnosed with autism 3 years ago and a week ago the school labeled my older son with LD/ADD/ED/APD. Now i been starting to have problems with my 13 year old daughter she start lying at school,grades are very low,she blames other people for her mistakes,very bossy with her brothers,everything they do is wrong for her. She takes things without permission instead of asking for them,she takes food to her room at all times and when she is being confronted she denies that is hers even if you have the wrappers on your hands and in front of her. She changed suddenly. Parents that I know have comment about this say that are the hormones that are kicking in but i think that she has a problem.

Hi Cristina. I would take your daughter to get evaluated by a professional. Certainly any kind of changes like this in a teens behavior can be indicative of some form of psychological distress. It is possible that it is not depression or anxiety but something else, but to be safe see a professional who can do a full evaluation. Teens do become more defiant and disrespectful as a part of that developmental stage, but your instinct tells you something is wrong and you need to get that checked out. ALso, sudden changes in behavior can be a sign of substance abuse.

Good Luck

Kristen McClure

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