If I could educate you about my bipolar child

by Carol

If I could educate the world I'd tell them the following:

1. My child is a wonderfully funny, creative and loving child who suffers with Bi-Polar. (much the same way your child is wonderful and nearsighted)

2. My child would gladly give away every toy she ever had if she could make and keep just one friend. (Don't you dare call her spoiled)

3. My child has NEVER bullied another child. Her heart is big and the tears she cries when other children bully her are valid. She is not a crybaby.

4. My child doesn't want or like bi-polar but, she gets up every day and keeps going.

5. My child is a straight A student. Yes, I home school her. Not because she needs academic help but because other children need to be taught compassion. I don't have time to teach them. I have all the time in the world for my child.

6. My child does NOT need more discipline. When she is stable she is the most well behaved child. When she is not, she needs unconditional acceptance and a voice of reason to empower her....I GIVE HER THAT.

7. My child having bi-polar is not a death sentence, nor does it mean she will not live a wonderfully fulfilling life.

8. My child suffers daily. She is often confused by the injustices life has handed her but, she is always first to offer a helping hand.

9. My child did not eat her way to 180 lbs. She can not lose the weight by eating right. She has not had sugar, white bread, potato or dairy products in 3 years. The medication that keeps her from killing herself causes her to gain weight.

10. My child is doing a damn good job of controlling an illness that brings many adults to their knees.

Mothers of bi-polar children are in a fight for their very lives...and the lives of their children. We are not bad parents of spoiled children. We are super heroes who deal with behaviors you can't begin to imagine and we know the meaning of unconditional love in a way that few people ever experience.

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Jul 24, 2014
I love her NEW
by: Emily Converse

My daughter is almost 3 and very intelligent. I have bipolar and am questioning weather or not she has it. Do I know if its bipolar cause I have it? no! but I do know in my heart that my baby don't like feeling the way she do, I know that she struggles with acceptance and always looking for approval. I know she has her ups and down. I know she has so much rage inside of her that she can't control it. I know she loves her family even though she is physically abusive to her siblings. and I know that the only time she feels good about herself is when she is dancing or singing.

Thank you for sharing this.

I hope me and my family can get an answer for her cause she is only 3 and suffering bad.

May 25, 2012
tears NEW
by: Libby

My 6 year old son was recently diagnosed about 6 weeks ago and this gives me so much HOPE for him and his future. Thank you for sharing!

Feb 27, 2012
:) NEW
by: Anonymous

So amazing. :) Honestly it made me tear up. The viewpoints on bipolar these days are so off base. This just made me so incredibly happy to read. You are a wonderful person.

Jan 23, 2012
:) NEW
by: Anonymous

Absolutely wonderfully said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 15, 2011
I think my 8 year old is Bi-polar
by: Anonymous

my 8 year olds biological dad was diagnosed 7 years ago with bi-polar and I am starting to see signs in my 8 year old, I have 3 other children and when I have the 8 year old by himself he is a super child! but with other children he acts out he tries to be funny sometimes aggressive he can be crying one minute and laughing with tears streaming down his face, he has learning dissabilities, speech delayed, he seems to have no emotion I can tell its a struggle for him to show or give affection he has harmed animals before he tries to be real sneaky and he lies when confronted about things, he recently got into the matches and denied it, but can be a very hard worker one day doing so many things seeming very gung ho almost to the point you cant keep up with him jumping from one chore to the next begging him to slow down and the next day you cant bargain with him to do anything! the school told me he was MR his IQ was 53 I am desperate to find out what is wrong with him does any of the description above simuliar to Bi-polar disorders. please e-mail me @ mlbazor1972@hotmail.com incase I lose this website.

Aug 26, 2011
Thank you for caring
by: Carol

Imagine if you bent your legs to sit in a chair you know is there and when you sit, you fall...so you move the chair a little and you fall again. Nothing you do that you THINK is right works and you just keep falling and everyone just keeps telling you how wrong you are. Imagine your frustration and anger. This is the daily life of a child with Bi-polar. They dont WANT to cause problems or have everyone afraid of them. they want to be accepted...just like every other person. What can you do to help this child feel accepted by you? Simply let him know you're on his side. Then slowly build up HIS coping skills. Many of these kids are told what to do when they are melting (stop that, calm down, you're going in time out etc.) These statements only frustrate the child more. Instead, we always tell our child

"Ok...I get that youre mad, help me understand...Im on your side"

And we set boundaries. My child is allowed to cuss me out when shes mad but, she can never ever again hurt me or herself. She can stand in front of me in total rage and I know she will never hit me because I gave HER some control over her rages instead of telling her what to do.

Allow me to thank you on behalf of this child. Just by taking the time to seek answers I can tell you're going to make a difference in his life.

Aug 26, 2011
Lifeskills Aide new to my job
by: Scared and Lost

To all the parents of Bi Polar children. I am in a new position this year as the Ed. system in public schools changed. I was an Instructional aide for 9 years and now the admin. put all of the grade level aides in the lifesklls room. I am supposed to work with an 11 year old boy that has Bi Polar disorder, schizophrenia and Behavior problems. I believe he was through some trauma as a toddler and parents can't control him. He is allowed to run wild at home and they leave him unattended at local park. As an untrained aide in a public school what can I do to make his life during school hours more successful. I am fearful of him and do not want to do the wrong thing legally. I am being trained but not enough to put my mind at ease. I want any help or advice I can get. Thanks

Aug 12, 2011
Brought me to tears
by: Jessica

So many things I think but never say. I'm glad I am not alone...this brought me to tears. But thank you!

May 13, 2011
so true
by: Alicia

Thank you for writing this. The world doesn't understand. AMazing is right!

Apr 12, 2011
by: Rhonda

What courage for both you and your child!!

Feb 09, 2011
Great! Thanks for sharing all our thoughts!
by: Anonymous

Loved it! Thank you for sharing!

Feb 08, 2011
wish the world would educate there self
by: chrissy

Thanks,for saying all those sweet things. Every word you said is the truth. My son is the same, he would do anything to put a smile on your face. One word in life I don’t like is "Bad". There no bad children, I get so made when people refer to my son as bad. No he just fights with moods and emotions.

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Feb 08, 2011
So Moving!
by: Elizabeth

I am so glad you shared this. More parents and tetachers should read about our real life experiences.

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