I just found out i was Bi-polar.

(Ooltewah,TN , USA)

So , i am 14 teen years old and all my life i have been really happy and hyper.One day i'd be really upset and the next minute i'd be really upset.I would take my anger out on my mother , My teachers , and my close friends. Bipolar Disorder is something i never thought about in a million years! My teachers and all the people around me would tell me i wasn't normal or i shouldn't be acting this way. One day , one of my teachers was talking to me about Bipolar Disorder and i honestly didn't understand why she was talking to me about that and she explained to me that i might just have that problem.I remember the only thing i was thinking to myself was this lady is crazy , but i did go home and think about what she said and i researched it and it turns out that all of the Symptoms were describing the exact way i felt! I mean i was naturally in the mania stage always happy and really hyper and energetic but , out of nowhere sometimes i would be really anger and take it out on everybody around and sometimes because of this i would lose friends and some of my family members wanted nothing to do with me.I would often get in trouble at school and at home for my bad attitude and "negative way of life" as my mother would say but it really wasn't my fault because sometimes i would be so angry I'd say things without thinking about the Consequences of my acting and i really couldn't control it but , now my mother is taking me to see my doctor soon so we can talk about a plan to help me get through it.


Thanks so much for sharing your story. It seems so smart and courageous of you to go searching for help and information on the internet, and I wish you all the luck that you get some relief from the symptoms that are causing you distress.

Kristen McClure

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