I Finally have some Help with my Adopted Child.

by Katie

I am a single mother who has a child with both Bipolar disorder and ADHD diagnosis since age 5. I have struggled to find help with him in the mornings before school and evenings after school until I return from work.My child was in a day treatment program for 2 years with before and after school care but they only went up to kindergarten.

DayCare before and after school was always risky because of his behavior for which they had little tolerance.Transitions are also difficult for my child.

I recently found out that the Medicaid program will cover a State Tested Nurses Aid or Certified Nurses Aid during the hours I need them. My son has Medicaid through his adoption in our state.

Hi Katie:

That is great news that you found out about the medicaid program covering that help for you! In North Carolina, medicaid is often the insurance that pays for the most care.

If you have private insurance you are usually at a disadvantage because it wont cover many services and has high copays and deductibles for the services they do cover.

One disadvantage to having medicaid is that not many providers will accept the insurance because of its low reimbursement rate and random paperwork requirements.

In North Carolina all children who have been adopted from this country are given medicaid and sometimes other funds to help with the cost of a special needs child.

Thanks so much for sharing that positive news!

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