H.S. Senior daughter with a needy, difficult personality. Medication suggestions?

by Tracy


My husband and I have a daughter who is almost 18 and a senior in high school. She has depression, OCD, and her psychiatrist thinks she may be bipolar as well. She is currently taking 40 mg. Prozac and 50 mg. Seroquel and she can still be extremely moody, upset, and unpredictable. She has had a boyfriend consistently since she's been in ninth grade. She seems to have issues with wanting them with her at all times. The boys she chooses are the kindest, sweetest guys ever and she seems to take advantage of their kindness. Most of them have followed whatever she's wanted and because she's so beautiful I think they stick around. However as parents it kills us to see her treat them with so little thought. Some days she lays in bed and expects them to sit with her. She can be really fun to be around at times, but others she is is moody and demanding. This senior year of high school has been extremely difficult for her and us. One boyfriend broke up with her and it left her feeling suicidal, upset, and very agitated. She would rage at us at times and then be crying the next. It has been awful. As parents we feel like failures and struggle with how our friends view our daughter; many don't like her because of her abrasiveness. This fall she leaves for college and we have serious concerns about her ability to live independently with another roommate. She is a bright, very, very creative, beautiful girl with a personality that would frighten most people. Do you have any other medication suggestions? She is currently seeing a therapist on a weekly basis, but we feel the medication needs adjusting.

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Jul 29, 2018

by: Kristen

Not being a psychiatrist medication issue are not my forte. However, There are basic protocols that are followed for specific diagnoses and OCD, although you don't reference it often is your description of your daughter response to a higher than average dose of antidepressants. Usually, double the normal dose that is prescribed for depression. But, if bipolar is a possibility then the Doc may be proceeding with extreme caution because starting low and going slow with the antidepressants is usually the rule.

It's hard with teens to tease out behavioral instability from teenage instability, as so many of us with teens know emotional lability is actually so typical for teenagers. Adolescence is fraught with so much anxiety for parents and teens. I hope she has improved with time and found her stride.


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