How to get your teen adult child help

My daughter is 19 years old and has every symptom of bi-polar disorder. On her manic episodes she pleads me to help her. We take the time to set up doctors appointments, drive her to all these appointments, she live an hour away which makes helping her so difficult, then when she is on her high from the disorder, she claims she doesn't need any help then it happens all over again. She cuts, is promiscuous and has every single sypmtom of the disorder. It seems like she just changed overnight and manifested into this disorder because her personality changed 100 percent since she turned 18 years old. How can I help her when she's constantly at odds with me, stealing, lying and doing terrible things. Doesn't she have to want help in order for us to help her. She is over 18. We are desperate for help. SHe has single handedly torn our entire family apart; even towards her 13 year old brother that she was so close with?

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