how do i help my child

by amanda biehl
(knox indieana united states)

I have a history of bipolar disorder in both sides of my family so it would be no shock if all my children inherited it i just would like to know how i can help my child to cope and live with this disease because i know how it is

She is 4 years old she hasn't gotten too bad with it yet but it is getting worse i also have anxiety disorder and she has had a few panic attacks already she from being the best kid in the world to throwing the biggest fit over a toy that I am giving her that she wants and then telling me no or just screaming for no reason and now I know all kids are bad and throw fits but I know bipolar disorder.

I've had it and been around it my whole life and I am more than positive that she does have that and anxiety problems my question is how do those problems get diagnosed and how do i go about getting her treatment for them.

HI Amanda

Childhood bipolar disorder must be diagnosed by a professional who understands the illness. There are some tools that can be used to guide the process, for example, The Child Mania Rating Scale, and the Child Bipolar Disorder Questionnaire.

The clinician would also have to do a very through developmental history to determine what factors may be contributing to your child's behavior and would also focus on getting you to define the behavior, its frequency and onset in more detail.

With the current definition, there must be an identifiable episode of mania or hypo mania to diagnosis it.

Good luck to you and your child


Kristen McClure

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