hours of fit throwing

My almost three year old has sence birth cryed ALOT. We alway thought because she starting talking at a late age that that might be the source of her fits. Not so. She is now talking great and we still dill with tons of fits a day. When she gets upset or wants somthing it allmost always turns into a huge fit. The car is a big fit time. When she wants somthing and she has to wait it turns into a fit. Fits at time can last hours. I tryed somthing I saw on Supper Nannie for niptime. I put her in her bed for two hours as she through her fit. It still did not work. She fell asleep on the floor after three hours of crying. I have been seeing what causes the fits and when I see her go into that mode I have been picking her up and telling her in a calm voice to calm down. That seems to be helping untill we are somewhere where this can not happen like in the car. My husband thinks she is just being a child but my worrie is that if it is somthing like bipolar I would like to help her now and not as an adult. All kids though fits but hers are over somtimes nothing at all. She does better at church but if she does not know a person she does not talk to them and most of the time just sits by herself. My husband get a mean voice and yells at her when she gets like that. He thinks she is fine with him but what he forgets is that after her yells at her I always have to go in after 20 or 30 min of her crying and talk to her and tell her why she got in trouble. When I say no I stick to that and do not back down and always have so her fits do not get her what she wants so I know that it is not a mode of conrole.she plays ok with other children. Most of the time she plays by herself and when she does play with other she usually ends up crying. Any suggestions would help.

Cassi Palmer
Hillsboro TX

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