Help Please!! Hour Long Tantrums

by How do I help her?

My daughter will be 3 in July, and her tantrums seem to be different from other toddler's. They last up to 1 hour, she screams, repeats herself for about 20 minutes, hits/ kicks and refuses to go to nap/ bed.

We have daily routines, we talk calm to her and her mood swings change drastically. She will be happy go lucky 1 second and a terror the next.

What do I do instead of constantly giving in?


Hi Amy. Im sorry I have gotten so backlogged with my responses. Its difficult to know with out being your treating therapist what kind of advice to give you. Tantrums that last that long seem extreme, and I wonder why she is having such a hard time? One important thing you can do is to not give in meaning, if you say no its no. Pick your battles. If she tantrums, try to help her soothe by holding her, humming to her, stroking her etc. Children who tantrum are having a hard time self regulating. If this does not work you may let her work it out on her own, as long as she is not hurting anyone or herself, in which case you would have to intervene.

I would recommend that if you are still having trouble, get her a psychological evaluation at an early childhood center.

Good luck to you
Kristen McClure

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