Hard decisions ahead !!!

by Martha
(Caney, OK, USA)

My 13 year old granddaughter is bipolar with ODD. She was put in the hospital about six months ago and received this diagnoses. She came home and did very well for a while and then decided not to take her meds anymore. This was about a month ago and against the advice of her Dr. She would not start taking her meds again and became violent toward myself and the rest of the family.

I again placed her in the hospital and now have to decide if I can live with her again or find another place for her to go. If the violence keeps increasing my family is afraid that she is going to seriously injure me at some point. I'm a single GM raising three grandchildren by myself and it's very hard to give up on this child. She is a very bad influence on her brother and I worry about him developing some of the same problems she has.
She called today and was very insistent that I tell her if she was coming home when they released her or if I was sending her somewhere else. At this point I'm not sure what would be best for her and the rest of my family. I have to take into consideration the stress and conflict that she causes not only myself but her brother and sister as well. It's a decision that is tearing me apart because no matter what she does I want what's best for her and love her unconditionally.

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