I have a 8 yr old grandson. We a few houses from each other and see each other everyday. His father has been sick for about 2 yrs and has left the home in June. Because of his fathers illness my grandson and his 4 yr old sister lived with me from December 2009 to June 2010. During the summer he stayed with me alot and in Sept of 2010 he moved home for school. He started telling me last month that he really missed his dad. He stays with me on weekends.

Within the last month he has started crying and clinging to me when he has to go home or when I leave his house. He keeps telling me he loves me so much and that he wished he could stay with me all the time. He calls or texts me late at night telling me he loves and misses me. I tell him I love him and that he will see me tomorrow. He's started saying he doesn't feel well at school. I feel bad when he does this to me and don't know if I should limit my time with him. Would this make things worse?

Hi Grandmother

I think considering the circumstances it's not unusual that your grandson would be fearful of being separated from you, or that he would have anxiety. I don't think limiting your time with him is necessary, but it is important that you assure him you will do your best to be consistent and reliable for him, and to be there for him.

You can encourage him to learn that you are there and will help him, and that he doesn't need to check this repeatedly.

Finally it would be great to get him a play therapist that can help you and his family to understand what he is experiencing, sounds like he has been through alot.


Kristen McClure

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