by Becky

I have a grandson who will be 3 in March. His father is very hot headed and so is his mother. My grandson has a quick turn from happy to pitching a fit. He is quickly into everything. He would appear to be just a "terrible two" but considering the background of his father (criminal) and the father's lack of any kind of conscience and also his drill sergeant attitude, I wonder if this child could have something wrong. The parents are split and the child knows nothing about who he will wake up with and where.

Finally, the child just won't go to sleep. It is a battle every single night. While he is transitioning into a home for stability, he does not have his own room. You tell him to get in a chair for time out and the adult is worn completely out by his defiance.

What's your thought??

HI Grandma

I think that these issues are concerning, but this poor child has been through so much!Although not sleeping is certainly a sign of a mood disorder, this little guy has so many other things going on. Not sleeping could be caused by anxiety, by defiance or any number of other things.

HIs defiance could be explained by the need to control his environment, or anger over what has been happening in his life. I would certainly keep an eye on those things you are concerned about and perhaps encourage the parents to look into some help from a professional.

Good luck


Kristen McCLure

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