My granddaughter is 17 years old. She and her mother live across the street from my wife and I. They both lived with us for the first seven years of life as my daughter was a single mother.During these seven years my daughter graduated from nursing school as an R.N. I was the one who took my GD to school every day and began to notice that at recess she was always talking to the teachers and not interacting with other children. She was a bit overweight and the hell that we have gone through seems to stem from the relentlessness bullying about her weight.This weight issue is still the thing that she perceives as debilitating. In high school it became even worse as there were several students who made fun of her daily.She now refuses to go to school and says that she can't take it anymore. I might add that 2 1/2 years ago her former stepfather, who she hated, and had personnel problems himself,Broke every window in the house at 2:30 AM and was armed with a gun. I should add that he had left the home 6 times in the fist 2 years of the marriage. There is a story here that is too hard for me to write.My grandaughters father is a drug user. I cannot remember him ever giving her a birthday or Christmas present.She goes to visit him often and does want a relationship. She understands he's a bum but accepts him as he is.

My GD has been hospitalized twice for acting out.She blames

her mother for many of her problems and I think my daughter has given up on her, and devotes most of her time to my grandson. I felt for years that GD has deep problems that required treatment but her mother let it go. GD has been diagnosed as having a form of bi polar disease.I am the one who always goes to her rescue and have taken she and her friends to events. I probably am an enabler but my love overshadows common sense. My question after all this rhetoric is since she refuses to attend public school or an alternative school, what are our options for her to get back in school? She wants to be home schooled but I don't feel qualified. We need help, NOW!
Thanks for any response you send my way.


Hi Tom. She is lucky to have you so involved. Generally I think there are several options. Other people can comment here as well. Homeschooling is an option, and you may be surprised to learn that you likely are qualified unless you didn't graduate from high school. If there is money there are often alternative schools for kids with anxiety and other mental health issues, and there are GED programs and diploma programs that the school may be able to inform you about. I will send an email to my list and ask them to comment on this post, and you can read other parents suggestions as well. Good luck to you and thank you for being such a wonderful grandfather


Kristen McClure

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Apr 11, 2011
There are good home school options
by: Jennifer

My son is 15 and was diagnosed bipolar almost two years ago. I too struggled with how to help him with his education as he began failing in school in 8th grade and despite an IEP that started in 9th grade, school was not working for him. I finally let him try independent study and this quarter he earned a 3.0! He meets with his teacher once a week and the rest of the time does his work at home. The majority of his classes are online (English, History, Geometry). He logs his hours spent playing guitar and keyboards for his music class. He logs his time on our WII Fit, doing yard work, walking with me, riding his scooter etc. for PE credit. He completes three new recipies a week and I take pictures of his dishes for his cooking class credit. If you are available to supervise your grandaughter during the day this can work. It has been a WONDERFUL blessing for my son. He is going to take Chemistry this summer and French next fall at the regular high school in addition to his home studies. DON'T GIVE UP--THERE ARE OPTIONS!!!!

Dec 18, 2010
you are a blessing
by: Renee

Hi Tom,
What a lucky young lady your granddaughter is to have you as her grandfather!
As far as school, I would check with your local school system for online courses for her to complete high school online.
I think success should not be measured with degrees or diplomas but in happiness. Maybe find something she enjoys, even if it something out of the ordinary (my son's goal is to be a tattoo least he, at times, has that goal). He is 17, as well, so we are fighting the same battles of fitting in. He does go to school, but is sheltered with a heavy education plan. Anyway, sorry to get off track, build her self-worth with the foundation she has now and surely with you by her side all these years she does have a foundation!
You have more influence on her than you will ever know! My grandparents were my rock and I don't think they ever knew that, unfortunately my kids do not have that in their life and I know how much they are missing!
Keep us updated!

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