Gifted Child

by Mommy love
(La. CA)

“Parents have described the child as appearing possessed, having a glazed look in their eyes or seeming like a wild animal.”

The above statement is one that matches one of my descriptions of my now 5 year old son. I have had him tested and Add, adhd, autism has been ruled out at this point.

My son read at a 1-to 3rd grade level. he builds grand scale models with mediums of wood,pipe cleaners, blocks and legos. with and without instructions. His favorite places are the library, observatory, aerospace museum and everything about the solar system( he understands it all- the 18 stars behind the son etc).he has met all his milestone and beyond .I’ve said all this to show what i find confusing his intellect is off the chart at moments- he has been gifted like that from birth( seriously m not making it up and i do not need him to been seen as smart because of shame or prestige- I love him no matter what

I am willing to work hard at whatever I need to on either scale to help my child)With that said I cannot ignore that my son does have and always have shown anger frustrations. I have to admit that my son does not do this the majority of the time, however he does behave as describe above at times. My questions are
1. Can a child be gifted and bi polar?
2. Is my five year old manipulating me- can he be that clever for this long?
3. Can he have a meltdown ( the possession scream- the glossy eyes fit then a second later, after being asked what wrong why are you doing that, he says I’m sorry mommy I know I’m wrong- I know you don’t like me to behave like that, but I can’t help it, I just get so angry, my anger rise and rise and rise? Please forgive me- he

says this in a calm cool collected voice.
4.Does it make you have night mares/ he says he keep having bad dreams and is scared to sleep.
5. He says he can’t stop thinking?
6. He says he can’t stop the dreams
7. Recently he asked what’s wrong with me?
8. Can he be bipolar and very loving ( he seems to be very helpful and loving at times.
(. He is self taught- Is this part of it- will this be altered if he has to take meds if he is diagnose as BP?
I need help- I’ve been working and taking care of my son for 5 years with no one understanding me and him. Some parts of family members try to get me to spanks him( I refuse) but I do get on him. I have a strong hand.

Dear Mommy Love:
Diagnosis of Bipolar in children is difficult. In order for that diagnosis to made, a distinct shift between moods of mania and depression needs to be detected. Many of symptoms that are associated with bipolar disorder are associated with other diagnosis as well, so it’s not as simple as saying that if a child has tantrums or nightmares they are bipolar.

However, many children who are bipolar are gifted. Many children who are bipolar have graphic detailed night terrors. Many children who are bipolar have racing thoughts or can’t stop thinking when they are manic. Most children who are bipolar have protracted rages and are unable to recover quickly after they lost their temper

Also, just because someone told you something was ruled out, is not a reason to assume it’s correct. Diagnosis is complicated, it’s always important to get a second opinion.

I would pursue Aspergers and child bipolar as a possible diagnoses because of some of what you described. Certainly you child may just be gifted!
Just keeping looking until you find the best answer.


Kristen MCCLure

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