Gavin's mom

by Niki Lorenjatos

My story starts out when my was 2 1/2 years old,he's now 4.

He started with outburst,moodiness,hitting,throwing crying for no reason,very secretive to alot of things.I would tell his doctor and I would always get the same thing,its his age,but as he got older,it got worse.I was finally able to find a group called meridian in Florida,where they would come to our home for therapy with Gavin.But they still would not tell me what was going on with Gavin they did say he suffered from hyper activity,and they wouldn't say anymore.We moved from Florida to Indiana now,and the behavior is even worse now,and I am 7 months pregnant with Gavin's Sister,he punches,hits,throws things,yells,screams,he goes from a happy little boy to a demon in just a few seconds.The other day I was watching discovery health and they had a program on with children with bipolar,and said oh my god thats Gavin,I started doing research on it and found this website.

I started asking my mom about family medical history,she has it,my grandmother had it,my mothers father side of the family has it.I have not been diagnosed with it but I do suffer from depression.My question is how do I get the therapist that I finally was able to find in Indiana to see my son to take me seriously and look into this so I can help my son,try to have a normal life,and not worry that when he gets older he gets in trouble because I was not able to get him the right kind of help that he needs.

Hi Niki

Your therapist works for you. If the therapist does not take you and your family history seriously, I would pull out the phone book and start calling some therapists who you feel are more responsive and communicative.

Good luck to you
Kristen McClure

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