Frustrated Mom Of Toddler With Possible Bipolar Symptoms

by Brandy

My son is 3 yrs. old. He'll be 4 next month. I've been so frustrated and have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what's going on with him.

Socially, he's pulling away from other children. He has separation anxiety. He wakes up a lot in the middle of the night in fits of rage. I don't know if it's a nightmare or something else. He hits and throws things.

He constantly on a daily basis, talks back and refuses to listen to me. Nothing works whether it be spanking, timeout or just talking to him. It actually makes him more furious if you try to talk to him.

He'll scream all throughout the day and veins pop out of his neck and he turns red and rashy. If you try to go another route and relay to him what he is doing to you by mimicking him, he'll start laughing some, but then goes back to the rage.

There have been times here lately that he'll open his eyes real wide and make crazy facial expressions like he's possessed. He'll grit his teeth and talk through clenched teeth. He'll ask for something and won't even give you a second to respond and he's already screaming at you.

Sometimes he'll ask for things in a screaming manner straight from the beginning. He likes to rock a lot. It seems to calm him. I've checked up on autism and other things and can't find anything that relates to his situation.

My daughter from a different dad has Aspergers Syndrome. I don't know what to do. There are times in between that he'll be the sweetest little boy and give me hugs and kisses and say I love you alot. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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