by sunhine
(jefferson nc)

What is youngest age to decide if it might be bipolar d/o. He is 3 and physician has wanted him to see a specialist since 18 months but have been resistant. Now his behaviors and moods have been progressively worse and i have arranged a behavioral consult. We have tried everything and I used to specialize in dealing with children with mental illness as a social worker but between lack of sleep, outburst of rage, unpredictable triggers/moods and self abusive behaviors I do not know what to do.

There isn't a certain age that is the youngest age It does seem that it is much more complicated to diagnose Bipolar in a youngster, specifically because so much of their ability to communicate, and attend and concentrate is not yet developed.

I think the earlier you can identify it the better. There are many doctors that will STILL tell you that children cannot " have bipolar disorder". This is just ignorance in the face of much evidence that this is a disorder that can begin in early childhood.

Good luck

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