Diagnosing my four year old

My child is in DHS state custody for his behavior which they are faulting me for so anything I mention is under looked or not taken seriously.

Yesterday his case worker paid me a visit with some information on attachment disorders and reactive attachment disorder. I have read the material and am very upset that they would consider this being his problem because none of the causes behind this is even remotely close to my parenting in any of my children and out of 4 he is the one that has the very disruptive concerning needs professional /help problems.

Since he was 3 he was diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorder and treated with Clonidine effective to an extent he got sleep other than that his behavior worsened daily then he was diagnosed under the same medical facility different Dr with ADHD treated with Adderall his condition bettered for about 2 weeks and then he became more violent and uncontrollable. Recently he was hospitalized for injuring another foster child only for him to be released with the diagnosis of ADHD treated with Respiridal a medicine I have been on and know its purposes and what it is used on normally bipolar and schizophrenia and occasionally I have heard of adolescents with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

So my question is this how they all linked to each other than through autism this is something that keeps showing itself in all the research I have done.

I do not believe that my child suffers with the attachment and reactive attachment disorders they have placed in front of me. My patience is wearing thin I am growing fearful of my other child's safety around him as well as mine own as he is very violent for no reasons not affectionate unless he wants to be which is a rarity.

Both his father and myself have bipolar disorder myself is bipolar 1 psychotic disorder personality disorder adhd/ ocd, insomnia, anxiety, and panic disorder. All probable cause of the attachment thing to be not an underlying issue with my son at all I am no medical expert but have stayed up for days on in doing research for my son so that I may attempt again over numerous attempts to get him the right type of help and medication he needs. I am in desperate need of guidance and help as it is not being given to me here where I live

I am having to go outside the box and I will not stop till someone hears my plea my cry for helping my little boy and his right to live as normally as possible and I know enough to know that if these disorders are caught early enough they can be reversed but not cured please help
Thank you

You are right to question what is happening with your child. And I am sorry because I have 1000’s of these inquiries to answer and at some point I stopped answering them and am years behind.
Bipolar disorder is highly heritable. I have to tell you that I would be looking very strongly at that as one of his issues. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t also have attachment issues. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on with all of the information you have given me. I can tell you that bipolar is genetic and is exacerbated by stress in the environment, and RAD is generally caused by neglect, abuse, or abandonment. RAD behaviors are more controlled and controlling. These children lack empathy are violent, lack of remorse, and are revenge oriented. Medication for RAD, usually an antidepressant or clonadine, can help with hyper vigilance but not the main behaviors exhibited. Children with bipolar disorder will often achieve mood stabilization with medication. Their behavior isn’t as controlled and fluctuates depending on their mood state. They can show some similar behaviors as kids with RAD, but periodically they desire connection and closeness and will want to please. Risperdal is a medication used for bipolar. ADHD, on the other hand, responds very well to stimulants and sometimes antidepressants. ADHD kids are impulsive and lack attention and focus. They may have low self-esteem and may lie and blame to avoid consequences. They want to please and connect, however and are generally friendly. These three disorders can overlap. You can have a child that has all three but you need a very good diagnostician to tease out when all these symptoms occurred. I am sorry you are having such difficulty with your child. I hope you have been able to find some direction.

How these illnesses are all related, is another, good question. Just recently a study found autism, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and schizophrenia share genetic markers. That’s all we know right now. I hope this has been somewhat helpful.


Kristen McClure

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