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Apr 22, 2009
depressed toddler
by: Anonymous

You must be going out of your mind. Your are at the beginning of this merry go round of therapists and medication intervention. I agree with the Kristin that the suicidal suggestions on your son's part are something to be taken seriously. I am going through something like tis myself with a 14 year old daughter. SOme things I have learned that may help you. #1 get a good CHILD PSYCHIATRIST who has dealt with mood disorders, some therapist or psychologist will not help in this situation. This person will get an educational analysis and a psycological analysis. Since bi-polar runs in the family this a serious issue that when dealt with early can really help your child and not left for when he is an adult. It is difficult to diagnose bi polar in children however, it does exist. The psychiatrist will treat the symptoms, What I would suggest is get him into a mood disorder clinic (stay-in) hospital that will diagnose for the pharmacological ascpect ie) what are the best drugs to put him on. There can be more than one cause, anxiety, mood disorder, bi polar etc. At this age it is difficult to tell even at 14 however, he must be treated otherwise his life will be a living hell, He has already reached out to you by saying he wants to kill himself.
I just bought a book called the bi-polar child. have not read it yet but my husband has read me excepts and I swear there were living with us. Right now I am almost in tears. she will not get out of bed refuses to go to school. The medication she is on is not working. I just called the Dr. and said we should look at other medication and I called the hospital for Sick Kids, they have a mood and anxiety disorder clinic for medication consults. this will be next. Also I recomment getting a small tape recorder. A lot of people will not believe you. This will give them the proof. They thought it was our parenting style!
Hope this helps you . My heart is with you.

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