daughter - 2.5yrs.

by Mary

I hope that i am just overreacting, but am a little worried about my daughter. Back in May (just after turning 2) she began to have tantrums and everything seemed to bother her - her clothing, people, the way things were done (everyday tasks that she was very familiar with). This went on until mid-August. Now during that time, she did have more visitors in the house (during the summer), and possibly a less than perfect diet. Putting her to bed was a very bad time. Even though she was always (since birth) put to bed at the same time as her brothers, and just after booktime, she was all of the sudden not able to go to bed without crying hard because everything was bothering her and just not right. I feel horrible to admit, but I was just not enjoying her as much as I wanted to, while she was this way.

Around Mid-August, she stopped behaving this way - feeling better, behaving much nicer, and going to bed with complete ease.

Around 2 weeks ago, I noticed she began getting a little nasty again, and has (for 4 or 5 nights now) not been able to go to bed with ease anymore.

Now I am aware that my children definitely go through phases and changes. I am just writing to you now, to ask what other things I should be paying attention to or handling in certain ways. I am beginning with her diet. After reading this website through, i realized she has probably been having too much simple carbs, and could afford to have all sugar removed from the diet.
Please advise me in any ways you think helpful.

HI Mary. It seems to me your daughter might be having some anxiety, and perhaps sensory integration issues. Children who needs things a " certain way" are often struggling with one of the two. I wonder if you would mind updating us on how things have been over the last year? SIncerely

Kristen McClure

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