Could my teenage daughter with Bipolar disorder have aspergers

by Michelle
(Midvale, Utah, USA)

My teenage daughter was finally diagnosed with Bipolar about a year and a half ago after suffering horrible side effects from an anti depressant. Recently she was hospitalized for a few weeks, and while she was there of the the psychologists mentioned that there were some signs that she may be on the autism spectrum.

She said not to mention it to my daughter right now, because she would probably be upset by it. But that if things didn't improve after a while we may want to look into that.
I guess my question is...In what ways would a diagnosis of ASD be helpful? And, what could I look for to see if this is a valid concern before I look into having her tested. She is extremely verbal, and has been from a very young that certainly doesn't fit what I know about Autism. However, she has always had problems socially (could still be bipolar). She is quite sensitive to sounds, and textures and get stimulation in general. And she is quite rigid in her thinking.

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Jan 09, 2019
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by: Shirley Rader

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