Could it be bipolar?

by Jane
(Somewhere, TX)

I have a 4 year old son who is displaying really odd behavior. He is a wonderful boy, he is very smart, he is creative, and he amazes me every day with how much he knows! But, I just think that he has something going on with him. I have not taken him to the doctor over it because of my experiences when I was little, but he is displaying a lot of the same things I did when I was his age.

I have always thought he had "OCD" tendencies (his clothes, they have to be just right, if they don't feel right then he changes, if I don't let him change his clothes, he deliberately urinates on himself so he can change!). He can not pay attention to anything! Tonight, he was sent to him room to clean up the mess he made from one of his fits and instead of cleaning, he painted his carpet!!! He also gets mad if he is made to go to bed in his room and he will urinate on his carpet!!! I work with him to try and teach him his letters and how to spell and write his name, he gets very mad and he calls himself stupid and says he can not do it! He gets very negative about himself! After putting on a outfit (that he has picked out) he looks at him self in the mirror and says, "I look like a freak, I cant wear this!"

No one has ever said anything negative about him, every one always talks about how handsome he is! Sleep!! He never does it. He stays up and when he does fall asleep he wakes up ALL night screaming! Sometimes he wakes up and sneaks out of my our bedroom. He did it this morning. He said it was because he wanted to surprise us with him baking us a cake! He went into the kitchen and started mixing cake mix. He also had the oven pre heated, but thankfully he made too much noise and it woke us up before he put anything in it! Also,

he has been stealing and lying! He stole money from us, once out of our "cash" spot and once out of my purse. It all came up to about $140. We have asked him where he put it and he gives us different stories. He throws fits and screams and punches. He has gotten mad at me and says, "Mommy, I want to slit your throat!" I know, a child at his age should not be saying things like that, it just is not normal! He hits himself! He gets anxiety because he is scared of "monsters" in his room and her hyperventilates. He also gets very hyper and talks and talks and talks! He bounces off the walls! He loves horror and gore. Almost every picture he draws has a person with a knife. We have done everything, our next step is taking him to the doctor!

When I was a child I can remember being like him. But, I was a little worse. I stayed up late re arranging my whole room, I cut myself (starting at about 7). I burned myself, I hated people, I never had friends! I would get mad and pull my hair or hit myself, I never had a self esteem! I was diagnose bipolar, I was in and out of the behavioral hospitals, I had and still have anxiety! I was 17 when my doctor said (after I refused to take any of the medication he would give me, in fear of the side effects) that I just had border-line personality disorder. I still believe that I did have and still do have bipolar.

My question is, does the things that goes on with him sound as if it could be signs of bipolar? Or am I over reacting?? I feel like I should take him to the doctor over it. Does it sound like severe adhd more so than bipolar? I am confused and scared for him!


These behaviors could be consistent with mania. I would definitely take him to a doctor asap. Others may weigh in and give you some information as well. Good luck


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