Connie, mom of bp daughter

by Connie
(Charlotte NC )

My daughter is now 21. She was first dx'ed at 6 years old with anxiety. Then it was separation anxiety, then OCD, then depression, then ADD and finally BP at the age of 11. From the age of an infant she cried, cried and cried. She clung to me and would not let me go. She did not want to separate from me and it was traumatic for both of us when she went to school. She had wonderful verbal skills and very creative. Loved to read and draw. Then in 4th grade the school problems began. Her grades dropped and she had problems with teachers that were rigid and not flexible. She got an IEP in 4th grade and had an IEP until she left high school. Her rages started at 1-2 years old and got worse through the years. She had some severe rages that involved grabbing butcher knives and threatening to hurt others and herself. As long as I remember she would say (I wish I was dead.) She was on every medication there is available. When she was age 10 to 15 she did well on depakote but did suffer side effects. Finally the tremor was too severe along with cognitive dulling that she went off of that. She has been on Seroquel with good results and it still on it. Through the years she had rages, anxiety, school problems, peer problems, social problems, anger, phobias around bodily functions like bowel movements and throwing up. Severe phobia of vomiting that still exists today. She has had suicidal ideation and one attempt at the age of 13. She is currently on topamax, seroquel and wellbutrin. She is working as a nursing assistant. She has not had any suicial ideation for a year now. She has been hosptialized two times. As a parent this is devestating. It affects your entire life and can ruin marriages. I have been her advocate her entire life and would not take no for an answer especially in the school system. In my experience psychiatrist's need MORE training in child bp. I was the one who asked for certain meds and basically lead her treatment. The book that saved my life was (The Bipolar Child) by D. Papolos. Now there are more resources in books and via the internet. Very sad that the medical profession has not caught up.

Hi Connie.

Thanks so much for sharing your story to help others who are having similar struggles. I wish I could say that yours is unique,but it is not.

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