Concerned mum with Aspergers child

by Robyn
(melbourne, victoria, australia)

Hi there

I have a child who is 5.5 years diagnosed with Aspergers. I believe 110 percent that he has Aspergers but I also have a strong belief he has bi-polar. Although I know that often both conditions have similar symptoms, my son ticks all the boxes for this condition and as time goes on, he is becoming more difficult to deal with and nothing is working. He has been put on LOVAN, for his anxiety but has made his hyperactivity worse and increasingly bad behavior and more defiant than ever. HELP, what do I do? In Australia professionals are very reluctant to diagnose a child so young.

Hi Robyn,

As you know children with Asperger’s can also have bipolar. The thing that will be important for you, is to accurately report the symptoms to your provider. The Doctor may be hesitant to diagnosis bipolar disorder, but if you are accurately reporting the symptoms he will need to look at medicating them.

So your child does not need to be diagnosed with Bipolar to be helped. It may be helpful for you to keep a log of the behaviors specifically that indicate mood instability like depression or mania. I have seen many children who are on medications for bipolar without the diagnosis.

I am not an expert in Aspergers, although I am learning! It may be helpful to consider the rainbow program philosophy on parenting and to carefully monitor any school interventions in the future that may exacerbate his behaviors. What I mean is, you don’t want them punishing or shaming your child for behaviors that are out of his control, and also you don’t want them utilizing interventions which fuel his behavior.

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I hope this helps!
Kristen McClure

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