Concerned about my 4 yr old son..

by Amanda

I'm concerned about my 4 yr old son.. He is constantly screaming or yelling.. He never sits still.. constantly on the go unless you put cartoons on and every time a commercial comes on you better get ready cause a rage is going to happen and he attacks or he start jumping on everything or throwing things.

He has anger issues like I've never seen before in a child to the point where we literally have to wrap our arms around him and just let him kick and scream till he gets wore out but at 4 yrs old that getting harder to do.

He will not potty train for nothing. I've tried rewards and even got him big boy underwear that he wanted and he says he doesn't want to go on the potty. He like it when the pee goes down his leg cause it tickles so he's back in diapers. He will be fine one minute and the next thing you know he's running at you with his fist in the air and screaming I'm going to hit you.

He attacks everyone in the house, me, his dad and his younger brother who's 2. I can't leave him alone with his brother in fear he’s going to hurt him. He sleep walks every night.. Has been doing that since he was 18 months. He sleeps with his eyes open almost every night and talks in his sleep.

He constantly rolls around when he sleeps. He has had night terrors since he was 6 months old.. Only slept 4

hrs a night till he was 2 and half.. Now you’re lucky if he sleeps 6 hrs. What gets me is every time we leave the house or even to get him to go outside to play he will have a huge fit and bawl and screams “No that he's scared”. You almost have to drag him out of the house every time.

When he gets mad he gets this strange red glare in his eyes like he’s not even there and if you go near him he attacks you.. it takes him a very long time to calm down. I've took him to 3 doctors. One was even an adhd doctor and they've all told him he's fine.That he's way too smart for his age and just frustrated.

Sounds like you are having a terrible time!! I would encourage you to take him to someone who specializes in sleep disorders and perhaps a neurologist. It is true that children who are gifted often have anxiety and behavioral problems, but your description of his behaviors is significant.

Just because you have taken him to three doctors does not mean they are right. I think you need to be concerned about him refusing to potty train and also his anxiety. Don’t give up until you find some help. If you are fearful and feel something is wrong you need to trust your instincts.

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Medical information obtained from our website is not intended as a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you have a problem, you should consult a healthcare provider.