Can twins both show signs of toddler bipolar?

by Giavanna
(Springfield Missouri)

I have a set of twin 3 year old boys. Chris the oldest of the twins, wont stay focused, forgets things easily, very moody.

He's aggressive towards his twin and my 9 month old baby as well. His twin brother Mike will go into a fit of rage if his bedding isn't just perfect. He picks up toys and chucks them at anyone near by. Mike will be happy and go lucky one moment and screaming his head off the next. They don't listen at all. And I am concerned for my infant son's welfare with the twins around him.

I have a long history in both my parents of mental illness, and alcoholism. The twins father's side has mental illness and alcoholism as well in his family history. But my side also has ADHD and ADD. I am Passive ADD. Could they be bipolar? and if so, how do i go about getting them diagnosed?

Hi Giavanna

Although I have made a vow to try harder to keep up with all my submissions, this really doesn't help you. I'm sorry for the length of time you have had to wait for my answer.

Yes twins can be bipolar. They can also be adhd and have sensory integration issues. It would be important to search for someone who is very well versed in diagnosing these issues in children , if you still have suspicious about what may be happening. The Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation is a great place to start looking for help.

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