broken family

by NY
(Charlotte, NC)

My 18 y/o son, John, suffers with bipolar disorder, mood disorder, PDD-NOS, high level autism, possible gender identity issues, and more. He extremely impulsive, easily fixates, constantly lies, steals from me, even broke in to the house to steal my ATM card out of my purse. hH is currently an in-patient at Presbys Adolescent Behavior Health Unit for the second time in 2 years. He is on medication which he doesn't take unless I remind him. I've been insistent that I would no longer allow him to live at home which has devastated him. He has been to counseling/therapy but because he doesn't think he's sick he won't talk, won't follow through with goal setting. I have been resentful, unsympathetic and ignorant but want so much to change my ways.

I now understand he can't change so now I believe it's up to me. I love him more than my life and want so much to learn how to successfully live with him. He doesn't understand his illness nor does he believe there is anything wrong with him. I think he needs to understand what's happening to him before he can move forward. He's a drop out, 9th grade was the last full year he passed. Attended Dore Academy for 6 years & Manus for 1 but then wanted to go to North Meck with his friends. That's when it all fell apart and I've failed him ever since. I want to make this right before it's too late. And I am hoping that it isn't too late already. I need help to fix my broken family.


Hi Nancy

I appreciate you sharing your story with us. I would recommend that you attend the parent run support group. You can send me an email to ask about this.

It's common when children are sick with mental health issues for parents to have a difficult time understanding their abilities and limitations. It isn't helpful in anyway to feel guilty about the past, its only helpful to change how you respond in the future. Learning to love and accept your child for who he is is an important step


Kristen McClure

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