by Brandi
( Michigan)

I live ( well basically) with my three year old cousin and he has random outburst for no reason, Just today we were outside sitting on the porch and we were talking about the noises he was hearing... he heard a chipmunk and said why does he make that noise, I began to explain to him why and all of the sudden he gets up and starts screaming and yelling randomly about all kinds of stuff, I don't understand it and this happens often what should I do and how could I help?

HI Brandi

I’m not sure what his other symptoms are. I would encourage his parents to take him for a psychological evaluation. If the chipmunk noise triggered this behavior it could be that he has sensory integration issues, or the sensitivity to sound is causing his reaction. Screaming and yelling about all kind of stuff certainly sounds like he is overloaded or overwhelmed in some way. There are so many things that could explain his behavior you really need to get him a through exam.

Hope this helps!!

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