bp child 10

by Jenn
(yuma az)

MY 10-year-old was DX in 2008, we still are having such a problem maintaining any kind of stability. She is on lithium 300mg am & pm, Abilify 10 mg am, and clonidine .02mg pm. She is homeschool because of the stress of being in a regular school was too much. She is in a few activities, but we try to keep it at a minimal amount. She also sees a therapist once a week and her medical Dr once a month. Life with a BP child is extreme and I don't think many people get it. They see she can hold it together in Church or another kind of public setting and think that she is fine.

On the same note if she does break down, then they see her as a bad child. She self-harms, chews on her arm and feet when she is stressed. Very obsessive once she wants something, there is no reasoning at that point. We have noticed a decrease in aggression, but the times that she does have these, they are explosive. She was hospitalized last year because one was so extreme. She was doing well after, but no we have hit the beginning stages of puberty, so a new battle of trying to make her life ok is on. She has the most loving spirit when she is at her"normal". She is a beautiful and super intelligent child. We are blessed to have her.

I think parents who feel this is going on in there child need to do all they can to help them. Research and educate yourself, be prepared for it to take a very long time to "sink in" that this is what life is for your child. Take every step as a new day and new knowledge.

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