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Sep 22, 2015
Bipolar Toddler? NEW
by: Anonymous

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Aug 11, 2015
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by: Trujillo

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Dec 29, 2009
my daughter is very similar
by: Anonymous

my daughter just turned 3 in nov and at the age of 4 weeks old she stopped sleeping and would wake up every 20-40 mins for no reason and still does to this day. she has had 2 sleep studies and many others and i cant get an answer from anyone as to what is wrong.. my life is like a living hell. she has mood swings all day long.. can have 20-30 severe fits a day over nothing. you can look at her and it will make her mad. a stranger can say hi and she is mean to them. so dont give up... the older she gets the more a doctor will try to diagnose her... i just recently at her age of 3 am able to get docs wanting to try to help.

Apr 29, 2009
bipolar toddler
by: Anonymous

No psychiatrist will give a diagnosis of bipolar in children. My daughter is 14 and they are treating her for the symptoms of bipolar but the medication is not working. A diagnosis is not confirmed due to her age.
Quite Honestly, your daughter is going through enough of a struggle with her divorce to worry if her daughter has bipolar (which they can not diagnose at her age. Pain will keep her up at night. My daughter displayed contant ear infections until I took her to a specialist who told me when she cries her inner ears becomes red and it LOOKS like an infection. All the doctors gave her medication.
Also, please consider that when someone doesn't sleep they are cranky and at a certain age all they want is their Mother. Strangers scare them
ALSO: Just because someone has bipolar in the family does not mean that your grandaughter has it. My sister -in -law has bipolar and her 3 kids do not .
My best advise is baby sit on occassion to give your daughter a much needed break with her girlfriends for a night out and have a sympathetic ear. She needs a lot of comfort now more than ever and don't bring up the bipolar issue.

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