Bipolar teen who won't see therapist

by Betsy
(New Orleans)

My 18-yr old son is bipolar and won't see a therapist. He's dropped out of school and having trouble getting motivated to get his GED & to get a job. How can I help him? He fights me on everything and says he can't stand living with me. Help!


If your son is not motivated it is likely he is not stable. If he fights you on everything it is likely he is not stable also. It can be hard when kids are 18 because you don't necessarily have the authority you once did. The medications are the most important piece. If he is in denial about his illness and not willing to seek help, all you can do is continue to try to encourage him to see someone to help him manage his moods. The right therapist can certainly make a difference. I usually ask kids to make a four session commitment and then tell them if they don't want to return that's fine. Usually by then Ive won them over.

Good luck to you Betsy


Kristen McClure

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