Bipolar At 8 yrs... Without "RAGE" Episodes

by Robin Bailey
(Louisville, KY.)

Where are all the stories about people like me??? I had my first Panic Attack at age 4. I began to display symptoms of mixed mania without any rages!!! I had severe "social anxiety" with several Panic Attacks a day.

When I turned 12 my mother passed away and it understandably turned my world and Bipolar upside down. I really struggled as most of us do..I was not diagnosed until age 26. I am now 41. I have Bipolar 1 with Mixed Mania and Rapid Cycling. Does anyone have a similar story? Everything I read talks about the horrible rages experienced by Bipolar kids. I'm thinking because I had such severe shyness with the Social anxiety..

I must have just internalized everything. It was Bipolar symptoms (no doubt)even without the outbursts. Mania came and went, the depression was ALWAYS THERE.

Hi Robin

I am so sorry you had to lose your mom at such a young age. I don't think we really understand bipolar disorder in children. All children don't rage, and many kids also have anxiety in addition to the other symptoms. It sounds as if you have additional diagnoses on top of your bipolar disorder also that all people don't have. Additionally Demetrius Papolos is working on understanding the clusters of different symptoms, such as anxiety, and has conceptualized this as a fear of harm phenotype. You may be interested to read about this.

Thanks for sharing!


Kristen McClure

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Feb 17, 2013
Same NEW
by: Anonymous

My 8-year old also does not rage. Anxiety, sleeplessness, giddy, unfocused, depressions, etc. He raged a few times after his dad and I divorced when he was four. I keep wondering the same thing--what about those who don't rage?

Feb 02, 2011
My daughter has rapid cycle bipolar, ADHD, Anxiety, plus
by: Ann

She did not rage except a few times regarding going to school, and they were more minor and not until 4th grade. Anxiety, depression, and a giddy hyper mania was more common. Even as a teen, because we talk so much, we have had few rage episodes - I work very hard to bring them down fast and not push her.

Her dad died very suddenly last year, after his remarriage, a divorce and a lot of difficulties. She is really struggling & will become physically ill, vomitting rather than rage, when she doesn't want to do something or is angry or stressed about it.

I am still seeking help for her as we are not in counseling right now.

Dec 18, 2010
by: Robin

Thankyou so much for letting me know all children don't rage.. It's been confusing for me. Looking forward to them understanding it all better myself! I thankyou also for your compassion towards my situation. :) Robin Bailey

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