Bipolar Alcoholics

by becky parnell
(charlotte n.c meck)

Hi I am Becky Parnel a mother of a 29 year old son with Bipolar II disorder. This weekend he was in jail for his second DWI.The week before he was looking at buying a new home. I guess the stress of buying put him into episodes.

I am worried that he will do jail time and how this will affect his depression.Things were looking so good for him and now this. He has worked for 5 years at his job and may now risk losing it. What is a mother to do? The stress.
level is very high.

Hi Becky

Its nice to get a submission from Charlotte. I know this is probably and incredible stressful time for you as well. I think that it may be helpful for you to get involved in his treatment. You may need to be a support in helping him manage his medications and helping him in therapy. I would ask to speak to his therapist and psychiatrist. He will have to sign a consent for you to do that.

When people who have Bipolar II have a good support system, and the therapist, Dr and family work as a team, they can often be stable and do well.

It also may mean that he needs help with his substance abuse treatment and that the treatment must take into account that he has bipolar II.

Finally I would really recommend that you get some help for yourself in the form of a support group.

You are welcome to come to my group which meets the second Saturday of every month at 1130 at my office on the fourth floor in the conference room.

1515 Mockingbird Lane Suite 814 Charlotte NC 28209

Good Luck,

Kristen McClure

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