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These pages will lead you to information that has to do with anxiety self-help. There are many different categories here and I have broken them down to help you navigate so you can find and learn information that will provide you with knowledge about how to understand and help yourself with your anxiety.  I am constantly adding and updating the content of of my website so please come back and check it out.





What kind of anxiety do you have?

Part of anxiety self help is understanding what kind of anxiety you have and what we know about it. I can't tell you how many people come to me either 1) not knowing they have anxiety or 2) being misdiagnosed with the wrong anxiety. Some  clients even think they have anxiety and when we dig further, we learn the don’t even have it!

Research and training constantly teaches me more and more about anxiety and I will share it here. Learn here about the definition of anxiet, dealing with anxiety, causes of anxiety, and dealing with depression and anxiety which are often mixed together. Here is a little about the use of seroquel for anxiety

Learn here about generalized anxiety: Generalized anxiety disorder treatment, causes of generalized anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder symptoms, facts about generalized anxiety disorder, lexapro for generalized anxiety disorder.

Learn here about panic and panic disorder: Signs of panic, panic attacks and self-help, panic attacks and medication, panic attacks and the thyroid, panic and heart rate, causes of anxiety attacks, caffeine and panic attacks, chest pains and anxiety.

Learn here about social anxiety:

Valerian root for social anxiety, Types of social anxiety, Counseling for social anxiety, Causes of social anxiety, social anxiety disorder in teens, social anxiety and a bad temper, social anxiety disorder and depression

Learn here about OCD:

Help for OCD, OCD disorder

Special issues and anxiety

Often in my practice clients will come in with an issue that they feel is unique, only to find out it is a common one. If you think you are alone in your suffering and struggle, I promise you that’s not the case. It often can help you with your anxiety just to understand you are not alone. 

Here are a few pages on issues that my clients often discuss in therapy. Many people have anxiety after drinking, and there is even more of a relationship between anxiety and alcohol you should know about.  Many people have more anxiety at night and anxiety while driving. Another issue of the times that is relevant has been post election anxiety. 

It is also important for women to know your hormones really impact your anxiety level. Your doctor likely wont tell you this, because most of the research to date has been done on men. I will add the new research here as I keep up with it. Learn about menopause and anxiety and postpartum anxiety. 

What's all this about mindfulness? Can it really  help with my anxety? 

If you are confused about mindfulness let me demystify it for you. Here you can about strategies that have to do with mindfulness. Extensive research findings support the benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques (MBSR) for anxiety. Mindfulness practices such as mindfulness and self-compassion, and mindfulness meditation both have also been shown to reduce anxiety. Click here to learn about breathing for anxiety You can also learn more about how mindfulness is used in therapy, and components of mindfulness. Practicing acceptance which is a mindfulness strategy is one of my favorite techniques that helps with anxiety. A lot of my clients think they can’t learn mindfulness. Don’t be intimidated, I promise you can do this stuff.

Anxiety Cures

Want to learn about some alternative ways to cure anxiety? There aren't really any cures, but you can learn some ways to help yourself with it. Learn about anxiety therapy, and if there is any evidence for helping yourself through probiotics for anxiety, antianxiety herbs and acupuncture. These are some of the less than main stream ways to treat anxiety.

Changing and working on how you think and how you interact with people in your relationships

In therapy, these are all theme areas I frequently work on with clients. You can learn how your thoughts and beliefs impact your feelings and behaviors and also, your relationships. This helps you make the changes you need to modify your anxiety. 

·         Fear of failure

·         Perfectionism

·         Assertiveness definition and tips and asking for help

·         Codependency

·         Communicating

·         How we unknowingly feed anxiety and depression and how to stop

Learning about your emotions

Stress and Anxiety Disorders

This area of anxiety self-help on the website is where you can learn about stress and it's impact on anxiety. Trust me, anxiety goes up the more stress you have. Stress can be a big contributor for both anxiety and depression. Learn about its definition, and it’s main causes including stress at work how it can impact your body prevent weight loss and even cause hives. Learn about holiday stress and how to deal with stress  including a stress game you can play also, everybody’s favorite breathing techniques for stress  anxiety


My intention on this website is to provider you with help for you anxiety and depression, help for you as a parent parenting kids with anxiety and depression, 

I hope this page has directed you towards some good information. 

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