Angry Toddler, Please HELP!

by Sarah
(Aurora, Colorado)

I am so frustrated with my 2 year old. He is constantly angry about something. I end up Arguing with him about every little thing. He used to be so polite and happy with everyone and now talks back and yells. Says he doesn't like you and not to talk to him. He whines about everything and when you tell him he can't have whatever it is he wants at the time until he asks nicely then he yells fine and starts crying, and doesn't stop.

I have tried time outs, negotiating with him and have even started to spank and pop him in the mouth when acts up. But nothing seems to phase him. He also looses his temper very quickly with his toys, movies etc... when he can't get them to do what he wants them to do.

He screams and throws or kicks them across the room. and when I ask him if he needs help than he just yells at me. His dad and I have shared custody of him and I can't help but wonder if he gets whatever he wants when he's there. When I ask his dad how his behavior is over there he says he has zero problems with him he is great. If it's true then all the better. But how do get him to mind and behave when he's with me? Would it be a good idea to maybe go to a counselor together? Please HELP!!!!


Hi Sarah. Yes!! Its a great idea to go to counseling with a therapist who can help examine how you and your X are parenting your child. Shared custody is a challenging thing. It is hard to give consistent messages when you are parenting under the same roof let alone when you are in different places. Also, sometimes children can act out in anger when they experience a change such as parents breaking up. Two and three are very challenging ages for most parents. Please update us on how things have been going.


Kristen McClure

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