An anxious child getting dropped off for Kindergarten.

I am a long term substitute teacher. I have been with my class for three weeks and I have one student that takes a very long time to let her mother go each morning. Her mother will tell her it's time to go and usually I have to come to her and coax her into class. Do you have any suggestions that could make this transition easier for everyone?

Unfortunately without knowing the specifics of the case, I have trouble making recommendations.

It may be that if the mother would just leave and cut out some of the coaxing than the child would be fine. It depends on where the anxiety is coming from. Parents can feed anxiety and make I worse in this situation. If the child is having trouble in school once mom leaves, well than there may be a bigger problem. It’s May, so I’m curious how long this behavior has been going on? Is there a way for you to get more information from the mom about what may be happening?

Sometimes a transitional object can help. Something from home that is special that the child can bring to school and keep to help them feel safe. In collaboration with mom, you could provide a lot of support and reward for her not being coaxed and coming in on her own. If you make it a positive experience she is rewarded for you may be able to extinguish the behavior.
It’s so great t to have teachers write in! How nice for the children you work with that you are so concerned!!
Good luck

Kristen McClure
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