Advice needed please ??

by Maternalmum

My 9 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with stress induced bi polar.

My question is really to find out if i should pull her out of her school for a period of time while she adjusts to her medication, (she experiences additional stress with her peers which adds to her trauma) or to change her school completely once she stabilizes??

She developed bi polar after an avo was issued to her father for assaulting her older brother. She has felt isolated in her community and by her fathers family who refuse to maintain a relationship with her since the AVO was issued to her father by police.

She's labelled a bully at school and just wants to change schools and move away where no one knows anything about her.

Ive been told that her condition could be temporary, and have been informed of something called the "kindling phenomena" which has been described to me, that with every manic episode, it causes additional problems in her I want to do anything I can to prevent her from developing bi polar permanently.

Has anyone, any advice to give me? This is all so new to me.

Hi Mom

I am posting this on my site and several others. I can tell you I haven't ever heard of what you are talking about, but it may be the way you are explaining it.

The kindling effect comes from our understanding epilepsy and essentially what it means is that an episode set off by stress ( mania) can eventually be triggered without the stress( the brain becomes primed for the episode more easily). However, bipolar is bipolar, so I haven't ever heard of it not being permanent.

We do believe that each episode seems to make another episode more likely. The kindling effect has some different explanations and it's just a name given to help us understand how the illness is triggered. I think you may have misunderstood how it was explained. I am going to put this out there to see what kind of response we get. Additionally, I think that the school issue may be one that you can update us on before anyone shares their ideas with you.

Thanks for asking that question.

Good Luck and I hope you get some helpful responses.


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