ADHD vs. Bipolar


Hello, I am 18 years old and going to college. Within the last month a doctor, a neurologist, (who has only known me only during the time I speak of) has put me on Vyvanse for ADHD and Remeron for sleep/appetite.

The first week of medication I was very energetic and productive and the Remeron helped me sleep. The second week I did nothing but lay around very depressed and slept a lot. The third and fourth week I have not been able to sleep very well at all and have been obsessively working on music (7-10 hours a day).

While on these medications my thoughts feel cluttered, like they are tripping over each other and have been more agitated. Towards the end of the day I have problems with memory also.

I've always been a jittery, scattered minded person with spouts of extreme energy and have had many "episodes", varying in length, of deep depression over the years. On a day to day basis my moods change on a dime and I have bursts of rage over insignificant things and I've had some minor tics (flaring nostrils and clenching jaw). I've always liked smoking weed to help "slow me down", increase my appetite, sleep well, put me in a good mood, etc. But, I cant live as a "criminal" forever without major consequences; hence me going to a neurologist.

I told the doctor all this but he seems to stay convinced that I am ADHD, so he put me on Concerta and Seroquel (which I have yet to start). I'm not arrogant enough to come to a conclusion myself, but I do have my doubts.

What do you think?

Dear Michegan

I realize this is late. I apologize for the oversight. I wonder what has happened over the past few months. I don't think its arrogant at all for you to have doubts about the medication and the diagnosis. I think it would be important to know what your family history is. If you have a history of bipolar disorder this is significant. I think your experience however, on the medication is the most important. In no is arrogant to try and determine what might be happening with you. I would continue to do research and keep careful track of the medications that you have been prescribed and the specific reactions you had. Good luck to you and please update us on your progress.

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