ADHD or BIpolar , both, neither??

I am so confused my 8 year old throws tantrums that last for hours when plans change or she does not get her own way or she has to " wait for even a second for something. Everything has to be done " right now" she will bang her head on the back of the car seat, pull her hair frequently say " I hate my life" when asked to elaborate she says " because I have to pick up my room" " my life has been terrible since I was born" you don' t understand." she says this all the time". When angry she says she" hates me " tells me to "shut up,shush it, your stupid, your annoying" " I'm going to go off on you" she pinches and pushes me." out of frustration, is hyperactive, distracted , cannot understand or follow directions at school, poor grades, forgetful( has to be told ( numerous times to do something such as put her neckgear on o,r brush her teeth).

She is unorganized, messy, impulsive, shaved off part of her eyebrow while trying to shave off the hair ( nonexistent) on her forehead. Wrote a note saying " need to look prettier" ( she is always told by everyone how beautiful she is) she was first taken to psychologist due to concern about calories, questions about" do I look fat in this" running in circles in the back yard to " lose some pounds" melt down while truing to find just the " right outfit to wear. Tried on every piece of clothing in closet. Thenclothes on floor.

Started crying. Wants to look perfect. Pinched friend causing nail marks because friend said she liked a boy that my daughter liked. Diagnosed with ADHD.
Concerta worked wonders. She lost 8 pounds in3 wks ..stomach aches. Went off concerta. Switched to methyl in...caused extreme irritability, slight depression. Took her off methyl in. Sometimes she has friend spend the night she won't go to sleep until 4 am she becomes so hyper. She will laugh uncontrollably. I even asked my mom" do you think she drank the mouthwash or something? She's acting really giddy?

Ashe won't stop laughing." but , the mouthwash was full..she was just giddy. She was so sad one day because plans changed , her friend could not stay over. She just lay on bed crying, not speaking. Saying " I hate my life" wrote a note to the friend" how do you put up with me"
My mom thinks I'm Overreacting .

There is nothing wrong with her , it is my poor parenting skills. She thinks I'm too easy on my
daughter. She read the list of symptoms I wrote to the doctor and said it was like I was talking about a stranger. My daughter was one of " the happiest kids she knew" she was just naughty because I do

not discipline her and she has no respect me. I have bipolar 1 , OCD and GAD, stable for 2 years. A lot of suffering while undiagnosed as a child. I do not want to miss the diagnosis in my child if it is a possibility. I read that methyl in can cause bipolar symptoms to worsen if child is not on a mood stabilizer. That is understandable to me. Why the concerta worked so well, I do not know.

She also has recovering alcoholism on both sides. Mother and father before she was born. I know this combined with my bipolar 1 makes her more likely to to have a mood disorder. She is currently off all medication. And pediatrician would like her to see psychiatrist asap. My mom is furious that doctors could even consider bipolar and does not agree with ADHD diagnosis. (School has been virtually begging me to have her tested for ADHD for 3years). finally I did. She was diagnosed and now doctor is considering bipolar. My question is ..I live w/ my mom...I am extremely stigmatized due to bipolar psychosis 10 years ago. ECT to treat major depression 3 years ago. My mom thinks that I am not as well and capable as I am. 10 years of therapy has helped me to be realistic. And I know that something is not right, my daughter is not just an " undisciplined brat" i believe she truly has some sort of chemical imbalance/ mood disorder. She doesn't go to sleep until the earliest 12:30am will sleep until 12pm if allowed on the weekend Mon - Friday is a nightmare in the AM getting ready for school she is cranky, irritable, argumentative, name calling. Always in trouble at school. Please if anyone can let me know if I should have her tested for bipolar? Against my mom and entire families wishes. They all think that I am crazy. But I know in my heart that something is truly off with her mood,
Psychologist initially said 100 percent positive ADHD. Now she is unsure of diagnosis. I have NO family support/backing. Teacher very impatient with my daughter, picks at every minor infraction such as wiggling her hand instead of just politely raising it. Playing with her hair clips. Touching the outside of the pencil sharpener.this is also hard on her self esteem I believe. Please , if anyone can help with a similar story and what I can do to help my daughter to be happy. She is failing with graded papers 36, 45, 62, 50 percent . She does not understand the work without medicine. She was spitting it out for 3 days. She hates to take medicine. Does anyone else have this problem. I am concerned if she DOES have to take some sort of med in the future. Please help with your advise.

One very worried and concerned mom

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Oct 16, 2015
ADHD or BIpolar , both, neither?? NEW
by: saleonleather

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Oct 16, 2015
ADHD or BIpolar , both, neither?? NEW
by: Anonymous

Nice post.

Dec 05, 2012
mummy NEW
by: Anonymous

im concern over my 7 yr old her behavour atarted very young and got worse she lashes out at anyone whos near by cery distruptive when she kick off it can be over nothing at all recently she keeps sayin her head keeps telling her to do these thing bein violant behavour she like this at school and nearly got excluded for her behavour im confused cause i dont nw what to do for best

Dec 05, 2012
mummy NEW
by: Anonymous

im concern over my 7 yr old her behavour atarted very young and got worse she lashes out at anyone whos near by cery distruptive when she kick off it can be over nothing at all recently she keeps sayin her head keeps telling her to do these thing bein violant behavour she like this at school and nearly got excluded for her behavour im confused cause i dont nw what to do for best

Aug 19, 2012
In the same boar NEW
by: Anonymous

I too have bipolar 1 and am concerned about my 8 year old daughter. She has been diagnosed with ADHD, but never on meds. Not only does her raging temper at not getting her way concern me, but her innapropriate sexual inuendos, and constant talk of sex.I am having her tested, much to the dislike and questioning of others! I do believe though as a parent struggling with the illness, we see things in our kids that may be early indicators that others don't see. Also, when we see these indicators of BP in our kids, we don't want them to continue suffering without proper diagnosis. I say have her checked. Good luck to you and your daughter!

Sep 08, 2011
Have you met....
by: Georgia

My daughter. She's 9, and this is her to a "T". wow.

Aug 14, 2011
enraged 8 year old son
by: so distraught

Man oh man, let me tell you son who is almost 9 has had behavior problems his entire life. I know for a fact that half of his problems are because of my poor choices. The other half is his inability to stay calm in small situations. He is currently in a psychiatric hospital (for the 6th or 7th time!) because he gets enraged and physically violent for what seems to be no reason. He simply cannot control his outbursts in any way. He tries hurting his little brother (18 months old), he screams in his face, pushes him down, smacks him in his head all because he hates sharing a room with his baby brother. He has been in therapy for years and nothing seems to really make an impact. He simply does not care what happens to him or other people. He used to call me a effing witch but he stopped doing that. He manipulates everyone around him. Even my own mother refuses to watch him if I need a babysitter which I almost never need one. I don't really blame her, he is too much for most people to handle anyway. However, I feel like my family should be more supportive because I'm a single mom and have nobody to talk to about it. He is on seroquel. Used to be on risperdal, clonidine, concerta, abilify, etc etc. Nothing works. I am afraid that if he doesn't get some real help, he will end up in jail or worse cuz that's where things seem to be headed. I dread going out in public. I never let people come over my house for fear he might blow up at them. Its happened many times. He's not trying to be misbehave, its just that he has no self control. He hates himself because he doesn't know why he acts the way he does and it kills me to see him so sad. Other kids always gang up on him when he acts out but I gave them a fair warning about how he might get mad over something small. He cries all the time cuz he doesn't have any friends. I love him to death and I know he has mental problems, but come on, he's just a child and I don't like anyone being mean to him for something he can't control.

Jul 20, 2011
You are not alone
by: Crystal C



My extended family also does not believe that she has a diagnosis, or that I do for that matter. They believe that neither of us should be on medication. That I need to grow up and she needs to be disclipined more. What do I do when time out sends her into a rage and she tears up sticker charts??? The doctors have no solutions or recommendations. I too am lost.

I would recommend that you begin with an evaluation. It takes some time, but then at least you know what you are dealing with. Frequently, from what I understand, children with sensory processing disorder are frequently mis-diagnosed with ADHD. It is not that the children are hyper, but instead reacting to an overwhelming set of stimuli. Only an occupational therapist can make the diagnosis, but based on what you wrote, I would not rule it out. It sounds like our children may be rather similar.

Good Luck!


Nov 15, 2010
The Answer is Yes!
by: Renee


I was compelled to answer one of your questions, "does anyone else have this problem?"... the answer is YES!

I am not in the health care profession, I am a mom who has a child with bipolar and by trusting everyone else except for my own "mother's intuition" he suffered for many years diagnosed with many other things.

Trust your intuition and find help for your daughter! She may or may not be bipolar but at least your mind will be at peace on that issue! She is clearly struggling with her own emotions, and a professional can help your daughter and you to sort through it.

Take Care,

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