Adhd and Bipolar

(mary miller)

My daughter is very hyper over talkative and has tantrum fits when something frustrates her. She goes goes all day talking and repeating things. Like if she can’t get her shirt on she will throw a tantrum or if she is mad at her sister she will throw a tantrum. She can’t do one thing at a time, she will not complete one thing in one sitting. She also will not sit still for a period of time she is always moving around she does not pay attention well.


In order for a diagnosis of bipolar to be made, there must exist symptoms of mood fluctuation( mania and depression). Also a very thorough history needs to be conducted prior to making this diagnosis.

Similarly other issues may explain your daughter’s adhd like behavior. It is also significant to consider how old your daughter is and how long the symptoms have been occurring. For example, if she is six, and these behaviors just started, or in utero she was expose to drugs or later had a head injury the diagnosis would be different. I would strongly recommend you take her to a psychologist or therapist for and evaluation.

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Jul 04, 2015
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Jun 06, 2011
ADHD & hypomania
by: Anonymous

My 9 yr old son has been diagnosed w ADHD by his ped. Can ADHD reach a manic state for a few days... Then subside, however, still being overtalkative, impulsive & hyper. His psychologist mentioned hypomania episodes. My child never seems depressed, always happy or super happy

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