Bipolar Disorder Checklist for Parents

Bipolar Disorder Checklist

I have created this bipolar disorder checklist merely as a possible list of symptoms that may alert you that your child may have a mood disorder. In no way is this diagnostic, and a mental health professional must complete a thorough assessment prior to giving you a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder.

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Signs of Depression in Children

  • Your child has oppositional behavior
  • Your child has trouble with school
  • Your child has Irritability
  • Your child complains constantly of boredom
  • Your child verbalizes feeling of worthless or guilty sad or hopeless
  • Your child has recurrent thoughts of death or thinks of suicide
  • Your child has low energy

Signs of Mania in Children

  • Your child experiences a decreased need for sleep
  • Your child has obsessions and compulsions
  • Your child is preoccupied with weapons or fire
  • Your child tries to build weapons
  • Your child is overly sexual for their age
  • Your child experiences periods of time where they exhibit inflated self-esteem or grandiosity. They may believe they are able to do things they are not, and brag that they are smarter than adults or better than other kids.
  • At times your child is more talkative than usual
  • Your child has periods of time where their thoughts seem to race and their ideas fly
  • Your child is easily distracted or has difficulty paying attention
  • Your child has periods of time when they become fixated on a certain idea and they become aggressive when an obstacle gets in their way

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Other Symptoms

  • There is a history of bipolar disorder or alcoholism in the family
  • Your child has night terrors
  • Your child has sleep and appetite disturbance
  • Your child is afraid of sleeping alone
  • Your child is self mutilating
  • Your child has long protracted rages
  • Your child has sensory integration problems
  • Your child has poor social skills
  • Your child hears voices or sees things that are not there
Medical Disclaimer ________________________________________

Medical information obtained from this bipolar disorder checklist is not intended as a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you have a problem, you should consult a healthcare provider.

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