4yr old

by Nina

My step son has eating issues. He will only eat what he wants to eat, when he wants it. He gets fixated on items, very obsessive. Anger streaks when things do not go his way. He will get angry, then cry, then be angry again. Repeats a lot of actions and sayings. He has a lot of energy, always has to be on the go. He has no fear of getting hurt. Tends to think he is the boss. He has had all of these symptoms at his mother's house, not so much here at dad's, but lately they are becoming more and more here as well. He makes no eye contact with anyone.

Intentionally hurts himself by falling or hitting his head off from things and laughs about it. he pushes his little sister for no reason at all.He seams to act on impulse without thinking of what he is doing until after he has already done whatever it is that he did. He will repeat the bad behavior of wrongs things and have no idea what he has done wrong. Lately when you look into his eyes, it is as if no one is there. I have done research and all of the symptoms for bipolar match his behavior to a T.My husband and I need help trying to figure out what the problem is before it gets worse.

Hi Nina

It sounds like you need to get your child evaluated. Honestly there are many things about what you have written that are not necessarily consistent with Bipolar disorder,but perhaps other diagnoses and it is extremely complex and sophisticated process in a four year old to make such a diagnosis.

Please get him evaluated by a skilled psychiatrist who understands all of the issues that may be causing these behaviors.

Good luck

Kristen McClure

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