3yr Old with Bipolar?????????????

by Jenn

My son is almost three. I kind of think he’s too young to say he’s Bipolar or that he has ADD or ADHD. But he’s a lot different than other kids at times. He’s very hyper, always busy, and very mean to his little brother. He bites, kicks, throws, and breaks toys. He hurts himself when he gets mad. He punches himself or hits his head on the floor. Waking him up after getting out of the car is horrible. It’s like he forgets where he’s at. He screams and cries and throws a fit.

For a good 25-35 minutes after we get in the house and I have to calm him down. Same for when he wakes up in the morning too, sometimes. Going to bed is okay but wets the bed a lot. He doesn’t talk too well either. I understand him, but other people have no idea sometimes.

When he gets in his mood, looking at him, or even talking to him makes it worse. He gets in a bad mood out of nowhere. I've told his doctor they said they would keep an eye on it.
Is it genetic? Can it be passed down from parents or even grandparents???? What do you think?

Hi Jenn:

As you know from my other answers I cannot make diagnoses online. I can tell you that your child sounds distressed in some way.
Although pediatricians are helpful like other doctors who do not specialize in mental health issues at times they miss things. I give the same advice to women who are getting prescriptions for complex conditions from their family practice. There are many things that can cause three year olds to exhibit these problems.
Stress in the family or inconsistent parenting even exposure to adults who do not handle their emotions well. However, a medical condition, mental health issues ( such as bipolar) or developmental disability could also be playing a role. Also to answer your question there is a very strong genetic component to bipolar disorder.
I would recommend you find a therapist who specializes in young children in your area, and meet with them for few sessions to get some feedback.

Good Luck


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