3.7 yr old daughter diagnosed with SID at 18 months

by denika
(victoria bc)

My daughter is a very bright young girl, learning many things at a very young age. Example able to recite the alphabet at 2 yrs old.

We have been working with Public Health since she was 18 months which was when children's hospital diagnosed her with sensory integration disorder.

I was originally looking at bipolar as she had all of the signs & symptoms and my grandmother had a severe case. They told me the earliest they could make a diagnosis was 5 years old. I am wondering if this is one of the misdiagnosed disorders that bipolar kids get. She is also high risk of developing ADD and has been labled at 18 months with Hyperactivity.

HI Denika.

Almost all of the kids I work with who have a diagnosis of a mood disorder have sensory integration issues. Also, common diagnosis my children get before being actually diagnosed: ADHD, Anxiety disorders, ODD, Autism, sleep disorders and depression.

The children I work with most often have issues with light and sound. They will refuse to wear socks with seams, pull the tags out of their clothes, at times even refuse to get dressed. This can result in battles and spankings if parents don't understand what sensory issues are. If you haven't already read it The Out of Sync Child is a great book!

Once I even had a child who was showing signs of school refusal just because she was so uncomfortable in the school uniforms.

I would continue to pay attention to the things you are noticing and be cautious of medication.

Sincerely, Kristen McClure

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