3 year old son-- seems very angry

Our 3 year old son has drastic mood swings. However, it's normally when we don't give him what he wants. He can sometimes be easily distracted and he will switch, just like that, but other times, it can drag out for a long time. He will scream repeat things over and over, he'll even 'act' nice "may I have water", we'll give him the water, and, then he will throw it.

Or "momma', Momma, momma." Repeating over and over. We’ll explain that he has to calm down first. And then he will start yelling, or say things. I'm just worried, thinking its more anger issues versus bi-polar.

I will call his doctor and discuss with her, but was just wondering what other symptoms are. He generally is a sweet boy. Loves to be hugged and kissed. It's just more so when he doesn't get what he wants. He is the middle child. So I have wondered about that. But we do try and make things equal with all children. We'll ask him what he is feeling, or ask him why he is so angry, and he just says "I don't know".

He has mentioned that he doesn't like me to go to work. But I try to explain the importance of working and also that he gets to have a lot of time with daddy (we work opposite schedules).

Trying to put a fun twist on it. I'm just worried and wasn't sure if this is normal. the oldest is a girl, and I've heard boys are different. Since this is our first experience with this, I'm just worried and concerned. Thanks for your help. Do you have any suggestions? reading materials? Thank you for your assistance.

Signed concerned mom

Hi concerned mom! I would be most concerned about your child’s behaviors if you have a history of bipolar disorder, alcoholism and depression in your family.

It certainly sounds like he is having some difficulty with anger, and also with anxiety but in no way does that mean that he has bipolar disorder. For specific symptoms of bipolar disorder in children I would read:

http:// www.kristen-mcclure-therapist.com/bipolardisordersymptomsinchildren.html

For even more details about Bipolar Disorder in Children I would recommend “The Bipolar Child: The Definitive and Reassuring Guide to Childhood's Most Misunderstood Disorder”, by Demtri Papolos.

Here is his website

Good Luck!!

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