2 Year old Head Banging, Scratching and Anxiety and Depression in Mother

by Jeanette
(Windhoek, Namibia)

I really need help with my 2 year old son. I have a history of anxiety attacks and depression and am very afraid that it may have gone over to him. When he gets frustrated he throws himself on the floor, starts to bang his head, scratch his face and arms he screams and cries and it is really unbearable to see him acting like that I really want to help him but do not know how. At this stage I just pick him up hold onto him and let him rather scratch me.

Hi Jeanette

I'm so sorry you are having difficulty with your son. I know how diffiuclt and challenging it is to find help for your child when they are a toddler.

It is certainly always possible that a child of a parent whow suffers from depression and panic attacks will also at some point struggle with these issues. However, in no way is that certain!

I would bring your child to a local specialist and share your concerns with them. Head banging and scratching is always of concern. However, it could be cause by a variety of things. Healthy children will sometimes head bang to self soothe, but autistic children and other children who are over stimulated will also do this. You need a professional to assess this situation and give you accurate feedback. It may be that with a few simple changes in how you are handling this behavior, he is able to go on and manage his frustration in a better way.

Good luck!


Kristen McClure

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Sep 15, 2015
Head Banging , Axiety NEW
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Have you had him tested for Autisim My two year old has it and similar behavior

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