My son has moved back in,no where to go,no drivers license due to dui,no job,I suspect he is bipolar but has not been diagnosed,no insurance.He verbally abusive to me,im his mom,he has rage issues if i want him to do something or if he doesnt like something i do.he has insinuated killing himself periodically,but not recently and never lets on to anyone else but me.he has bad mood swings,foul mouth,paranoia.just quit smoking marijuana,it was giving him panic attacks,feeling sick..he changes his mind about things constantly,does not keep his word on anything..i am drained,i have covered for him to other family members that think he needs to be kicked out,but i am his mom and heartbroken and continue to take his abuse.i dont know what to do.he wont get help,dont think he needs it.im lost..i feel imprisoned in my own house,my hubby,his stepdad is getting sick of it all and tells me im babying him and letting him run me.im about to go crazy...help

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